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Woodmansterne Primary


Year 4

Sycamore Class: Miss E Marshall (emarshall@wps.org.uk

End of Year Expectations for Year 4 can be found  here.

A glossary of terms used in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar in Primary Schools can be found here.

Autumn 1


Road Trip


Buckle up, sunglasses on – we’re going on a road trip across the good old US of A.

Flying from London Gatwick, landing at JFK airport in New York, it’s time to explore the sights and sounds of the Big Apple. Use map skills to navigate your way around some of its most famous landmarks and send a postcard home to ask the question ‘Do you wish you were here?’

It’s going to be a long ride, put the roof down and let the wind blow through your hair – we’re off!

Homework and spellings for this half term can be found here.

Autumn 2

Burps, Bottoms and Bile

Open wide – let’s take a look inside! We are on a voyage of discovery to investigate the busy world inside your body! Explore excretion and belching through the foods that humans and animals eat. Follow the journey food makes through your body. Understand why it is important to have good personal hygiene and the science behind digestion.

And whilst we’re talking business…could you recognise an animal just by its poo? Are you brave enough to take the challenge?

Do beans really have wind power? Let’s work scientifically and bottom this one out, once and for all?

Homework and spellings for this half term can be found  here.

Spring 1

I am Warrior

I am Warrior! I am strong, brave and powerful. Meet me in battle, draw your sword, wield your axe and challenge me if you dare! Invade and attack, Romans versus the Celts, the fight is on.

Discover Roman Britain: meet Claudius, Boudicca and Julius Caesar and find out what the Romans did for us.

When all the battling makes you hungry, relax, lie back and feast yourself on dormice and grapes or perhaps a roasted swan sprinkled with nuts?

Homework and spellings for this half term can be found here.

Spring 2


SSSss… whats that noise? A bash? A crash? A shake, a rattle or a low, bass hum? Which do you prefer…. an acoustic singer or a booming brass band? A solitary voice singing sweetly and quietly or a magnificent choir lifting the roof?

Take out your ear plugs and journey through the valley of sound to find out about instruments, the sounds they make and how they are produced. Discover how sounds are made and which sounds travel the furthest.

Can you hear me over there? Or do I need to TALK MORE LOUDLY?

Homework and spellings for this half term can be found here.

Summer 1


Potion: a poison, a mixture, an aromatic brew, a vapour, a liquid or a sticky goo. Welcome to the amazing magical world of potions and their properties….

Now scientists, beware! There are some powerful and deadly potions out there – dangerous, unpredictable or plain tragic (just ask Romeo and Juliet!).

Feeling sleepy? Hmmmmm – that orange juice did taste a little strange…..

Homework and spellings for this half term can be found here.

Summer 2

Blue Abyss

Grab your wetsuit! We are going deep into an underwater world of incredible coral and mysterious sea creatures.

What do real divers get up to when they dive down to the depths below? What kind of creatures lurk in the deepest, darkest places on Earth?

Flippers on? Snorkel ready? Let’s head into the blue abyss…