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Woodmansterne Primary


Apple Class: Mrs G Hadley (ghadley@wps.org.uk) and Mrs K Bedford (kbedford@wps.org.uk)

Cherry Class: Mr J Hughes (jhughes@wps.org.uk)

Teaching Assistants: Mrs J Compton (AM), Mrs J Bird (PM) and Mrs C Mahoney Roberts

End of Year Expectations for Reception can be found here.

Ladybird Words for Reception can be found here.

Phonics Information can be found here.

WOW cards to print at home can be found here.

 Autumn 1

Which was the biggest dinosaur?

The children will be learning about dinosaurs including real and imagined creatures of different sizes. They will be looking at the prehistoric world of dinosaurs and their lives; exploring different types of dinosaurs - those on land, air and sea and finding out who has the biggest dinosaur! They will be building friendships and working as part of a group, taking turns and sharing ideas.

Autumn 2

People who help us


The children will be learning about all the different people who help us ranging from mum and dad to the emergency services. They will be using the skills they have learnt in class to start writing lists, labelling pictures and exploring the different equipment each service uses. They will learn how they can start to help each other and use these skills to develop friendships.

Where does the snow go?

The children will be learning about winter weather and the properties of snow, ice and frost. They will be exploring what happens to snow and ice when they melt. What animals, birds and humans do to adapt to colder weather and keep warm. They will use the colder weather to head outside and explore the sensory qualities of snow and ice.

Spring 1

 Are eggs alive?

The children will be celebrating spring and exploring the changes that occur in nature during this season. They will be learning about the spring weather, including rain and wind. They will learn different types of farm animals and their names; research the life cycle of various animals. They will learn how to how to care for and nurture baby animals.

 Spring 2

Why do spiders eat flies?

The children will be using their investigative skills to go mini beast hunting and evaluate what they have found. They will research how spiders and other mini beasts feed and grow. They will study how spiders and other mini beasts move to find food, water, shelter and to escape from danger. The children will examine different environments, habitats and the small creatures who live there.

Summer 1

Why can’t I have chocolate for breakfast?

The children will be using their senses when investigating, tasting and describing different types of food. They will explore how to keep their bodies healthy by eating a balanced diet and exercising. They will learn where food comes from and what happens when we make changes to food by cooking, melting, freezing and mixing.

Summer 2

Under the Sea


The children will learn about the properties of water, what it feels like and what it can be used for. They will research where water comes from, how to be safe near water and how to use water to keep ourselves clean and healthy. They will investigate the different types of creatures that live under the sea and will step back in time to see how the pirates lived.