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Woodmansterne Primary


Apple Class: Mrs J Fisher (fisherj@wps.org.uk) Mon-Weds and Mrs K Bedford (bedfordk@wps.org.uk) Thurs & Fri

Cherry Class: Mr Hughes (hughesj@wps.org.uk

Reception TAs: Miss Smith (smithm@wps.org.uk) and Miss Pritchard (pritchardg@wps.org.uk)

End of Year Expectations for Reception can be found here.

Ladybird Words for Reception can be found here.

Phonics Information can be found here:



Autumn 1

Which was the biggest dinosaur?

The children will be learning about dinosaurs including real and imagined creatures of different sizes. They will be looking at the prehistoric world of dinosaurs and their lives; exploring different types of dinosaurs - those on land, air and sea and finding out who has the biggest dinosaur! They will be building friendships and working as part of a group, taking turns and sharing ideas.

Autumn 2

Why do leaves go crispy?

Why do leaves go crispy? What is inside a conker? During this topic the children will be learning about autumn and changes over time through fun investigations, nature explorations, stories and crafts.

Spring 1

 Which people help us?


The children will be learning about all the different people who help us ranging from mum and dad to the emergency services. They will be using the skills they have learnt in class to start writing lists, labelling pictures and exploring the different equipment each service uses. They will learn how they can start to help each other and use these skills to develop friendships. 

Spring 2

Are eggs alive?

The children will be celebrating spring and exploring the changes that occur in nature during this season. They will be learning about the spring weather, including rain and wind. They will learn different types of farm animals and their names and research the life cycles of various animals. They will learn how to how to care for and nurture baby animals.

Summer 1

 Will you read me a story?

This half term we will step into the magical world of fairy tales. Was the Big Bad Wolf really so bad? How many bowls of porridge did Goldilocks eat? Let’s find out more about our favourite stories and discover some new ones. At school, we’ll play imaginatively with a model castle and small world characters. We’ll look at different character types, and decide whether our favourite characters are ‘goodies’ or ‘baddies’! Using different materials and shapes, we’ll build castles and bridges. We’ll read lots of stories and look at the ingredients that go into a fantastic fairy tale. We’ll be brave explorers and hunt for missing items from fairy tales. Contemporary versions of fairy tales will inspire us to write stories, and we’ll create story maps to retell familiar tales. Most of all, the children will use their imaginations to bring their favourite stories to life!

Summer 2

 Under the Sea


The children will learn about the properties of water, what it feels like and what it can be used for. They will research where water comes from, how to be safe near water and how to use water to keep ourselves clean and healthy. They will investigate the different types of creatures that live under the sea and will step back in time to see how the pirates lived.


At Woodmansterne, in PSHE, we teach statutory Relationships and Health Education, which includes Sex Education in Year 6. In this unit, 'Growing and Changing', we cover some important and sensitive topics relating to body parts, puberty, relationships, keeping safe and changing feelings, in an age-appropriate way. This leaflet has been designed to support you in talking to your child about these subjects at home, and to prepare you for any questions that your child may have.