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Woodmansterne Primary

Ofsted & School Performance Data

In our last Ofsted inspection (November 2016), our school was rated 'Good' for overall effectiveness and 'Good' across all areas.

You can read a full copy of the inspection findings here

Please click HERE for a link to the Department of Education website for School Performance Tables.

Early Years Foundation Stage

This table shows the percentage of pupils achieving a 'Good Level of Development' (GLD):

Maths, Literacy, Physical Development, Communication and Listening, Personal, social and emotional development.

Pupils in EYFS achieving a good level of development School National
2018 86% 72%

Year 1 Phonics Screening

The Phonics Screening is completed in each child’s first National Curriculum Year. 

Pupils who do not meet the threshold retake the screening in Year 2. 

This table shows the percentage of pupils who achieved the threshold in the Phonics Screening. 

Year 1 Phonics Screening 2018 (School) 2018 (National)
All pupils 81% 82%
Disadvantaged 66% 70%
Year 2 Phonics retake 56% 92%

Key Stage 1 SATS Attainment in %

Percentage of pupils achieving the new standard at the end of Key Stage 1 2018 (School) 2018 (National)
Reading 77% 75%
Writing 77% 70%
Maths 77% 76%

Key Stage 2 SATs

Key Stage 2 SATS  2018

Average Progress Scores

These scores are calculated by comparing the Key Stage 2 test and assessment results of pupils at this school with the results of pupils in schools across England who started with similar assessment results at the end of Key Stage 1.

Reading -1.1
Writing +0.4
Maths -1.57

 Average 'Scaled Scores'

 The average scaled score is calculated for all pupil groups. The expected standard is a score of 100 or more. The higher standard is 110 or more. Scaled scores allow schools to compare pupil group performance year on year.

Reading 104.6
Maths 103.4

 Percentage of Pupils achieving the expected standard or above 

All subjects 56%
Reading 74%
Writing 81%
Maths 70%

 Percentage of Pupils achieving a high level of attainment in Reading, Writing and Maths 

Reading 23%
Writing 27%
Maths 16%